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Phelps Industries is a family owned business which has been manufacturing materials handling equipment since 1927. Phelps Industries employs approximately 50 employees each certified or skilled in his/her position. Each employee is a US citizen or a legal documented worker. Phelps Industries takes pride in knowing that our equipment is fabricated in the USA; by a lawful employee who makes a fair wage and is offered benefits. The early years focused on pneumatic loading systems. In the early 1970's Phelps Industries expanded in the manufacturing of truck dumpers, various hoppers and hydraulic power units. Hydraulic telescopic cylinders became a part of our offerings in 1980. At the present time, Phelps Industries has more than 950 dumpers in service all across the United States and 29 other countries around the world.

Phelps Industries has a Registered Profession Engineer on staff as well as a technical staff who has been designing and building the dumpers, hydraulic systems and large telescopic cylinders for over 20 years. Our President, Ivo Phelps, has been designing and building heavy industrial equipment for over 40 years. We use computer aided design programs including finite element design. All prints are drawn on Auto CAD 2004. All of our engineering staff spends time in the field as well as in the office. This includes the manufacturing process, start up, as well as troubleshooting. We also are involved with a few companies that can offer our dumper and hopper installations as a turn-key project.

Phelps Industries employs approximately 50 people and utilizes 53,000 square feet of manufacturing and office space. We also have a variety of overhead and yard cranes.

Quality of Work
Phelps Industries also utilizes certified welders and machinists. Each shop is Code Certified to AWS D 1.1. The cylinder shop primarily uses Submerged Arc Welding and Gas Metal Arc Welding with a 95-Ar/5-02 gas mixture spray transfer. The fabrication shop uses Flux Cored Arc Welding with a CO2 shield for most structural fabrication. All welders working on a project are certified for the weld they are applying. As welders are added to staff, certifications are pursued.

Equipment manufactured by Phelps Industries include: Truck Dumpers with a variety of lengths and options; Semi-Portable, and Fully Portable Truck Dumpers; Receiving Hoppers with moving floor (Corn Hopper), drag chain or screw bottom floor options; Portable Landfill Tippers; Reclaimers; Up-ending Container Loaders/Unloaders; Large Telescopic and Rod Cylinders and Hydraulic Power Units designed to meet the application. We also engineer and fabricate custom equipment designed to meet the specialty needs of our customers. Our years of experience in design, development and manufacturing assure you of the finest products at the most competitive prices. Our goals are clear in our company and its' industry. We manufacture rugged dependable equipment and follow up with comprehensive service.


Ivo Phelps

Mike White
Don Chapman
Mark Broom
Craig Burke


Sales Engineers:
John Phelps
Drew Certain
Daniel Darcey

Jason Williams

Plant Production:
Paul Phelps

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