Paper mills and biomass plants that receive bark, hogged fuel and wood waste for energy or paper production have seen a change in the quality of these raw materials. New and existing bark hoppers all have the same coherent problem handling these raw materials regardless of the hopper width or length – bridging inside the hopper or bottlenecking at the metering gate.

This is where the Phelps Backrake comes into play. Like no other device, the Phelps Backrake is designed to break-up this raw material and create a consistent hopper discharge rate. The Backrake is custom fit to virtually all types of truck dump hoppers regardless of the manufacturer.

The Backrake is essentially a set of paddles with spikes that revolve in an upward rotation. It is positioned at the discharge end of the hopper at a specified height above the hopper floor based on the desired discharge rate. The continuous lifting motion of the paddles and cutting action of the spikes breaks up clumps of material allowing a consistent discharge under the rake and out of the hopper.

> See the Backrake in action - Video

“Today, I would not purchase a wastewood truck dumper and hopper without a Backrake”
BE&K Engineer at Birmingham, AL




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