Corn Hopper

20' Unit

Phelps Industries developed the Corn Hopper to handle bulk deliveries of raw corn from self-dumping trucks. This receiving hopper is available in a variety of holding capacities and discharge rates. It can be custom built to suit your receiving tonnage and unloading needs. A hydraulically operated reciprocating floor moves the corn to your current conveying system. This transport system provides easy viewing, a clean surface and an efficient mode of bulk unloading.

A simple concrete slab and a 12" high ramp is all that is needed in one type of installation. Your foundation can also be constructed so the unit does not have to be raised for maintenance.

The corn hopper is portable in that it can easily be picked up by two forklifts and set on a flatbed trailer for transfer to another corn receiving station. Corn Hoppers can also be used in combination with a Phelps Truck/Trailer Dumper. This application works well with semi-trucks that are not self-dumping.

The discharge rate of the hopper is controlled by a Phelps Hydraulic Power Unit. The power unit uses a variable volume system that enables the customer to control the speed by a remote device. This allows matching the unloading rate to that of the take-away system. All power units are equipped with carefully chosen hydraulic components and totally enclosed fan cooled motors in sizes to match the applications.

A Phelps Corn Hopper can improve working conditions, increase production, and save time and labor. Production and profits increase because of a faster trip time obtained by trucks to and from the plant. Therefore, plant efficiency is improved due to a steady flow of material, quicker unloading, and less spillage of the product.


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