Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinders

Our Specialty: We specialize in large multiple stage single acting telescopic hydraulic cylinders. We offer a full line of four stage, single acting telescopic cylinders with five standard series of sizes. These range from a smallest (final) moving stage O.D. size of 5 inches to 10 inches. Phelps Hydraulic Telescopic Cylinders can replace existing telescopic cylinders and retrofit to any existing truck dumper. Phelps Telescopic Cylinders meet or exceed O.E.M. specifications.

Custom Telescopic Cylinders: Phelps' engineering department can also design and manufacture custom telescopic hydraulic cylinders from one to five stages. Larger telescopic stage sizes include: 15.125”, 13.25”, 11.5”, 10”, 8.5” and 7” nominal.

Comprehensive Warranty: All telescopic cylinders have a comprehensive warranty program. Proper maintenance and Phelps' service can also extend the life of your telescopic cylinder.
Hydraulic power units , with certain design criteria and circuitry, can be supplied complete. Controls can be arranged to extend a single telescopic cylinder or to operate a series of telescopic cylinders. Reservoir sizes can range from 60 gallons to 2,000 gallons.

1. Self-aligning ball bushings. Top and bottom on pin mount models.
2. External gland nuts.
3. Extra wide bronze bearing rings, top and bottom.
4. V-packings and poly pack available
5. Steel Stop Rings are welded in, eliminating troublesome snaprings.
6. Flanged O-ring port.
7. Molythane wipers.
8. Air bleeder.
9. Heavy duty construction with generous lap between stages.

Well Engineered: Phelps Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinders are engineered to achieve truer and smoother operation in heavy duty applications. Our fully welded type construction, which incorporates a generous lap between stages for more stability and rigidity, allows our cylinders to have a higher stress and side-loading threshold.

Wide Bearings: The use of extra wide internal bronze bearings means greater low friction surface for our telescopic cylinders to operate. This wider bearing surface aids in the prevention of side-loading, which ultimately causes scoring within the tube and sends damaging metal particles throughout the hydraulic system.

Effective Seals: The sealing system used is stacked V-packing rings or single lip “U-cups” molded specifically for Phelps Telescopic Cylinders. Phelps packing is compatible with standard hydraulic oils. Special packing materials are available when required by the specification of non-standard hydraulic fluids.

Accessible Packing: Packing is accessible under external gland nuts, removable with supplied spanner wrench, allowing ease of packing adjustment or replacement.

Quality Control: Our quality control program is continuous throughout the production of each telescopic cylinder. All telescopic cylinders are pressure tested before leaving our plant and designed to operate at a maximum of 2,000 PSI.

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