Power Units

Phelps Industries has been manufacturing industrial power units for 25 years. Our power units are designed to fit any specific need. Systems can be designed for simple actuation or multiple operations.

Standard units are fabricated from 1/4" A-36 steel plate, and are internally sandblasted. Each unit has a bolted flange removable type lid. JIC standards are also incorporated into every reservoir. These standards include an internal baffle, oil level gauge, manway access, filler/breather caps or filters, condensation drain and magnetic rod.

Various horsepower and GPM ranges are available for all power units. We also have basically any size reservoir you may need, from 60 gallons up to 2,000 gallons.

Dissipation of heat is always a concern in a hydraulic power unit, so we design and size the reservoir with this factor in mind. Other factors involved in tank size are GPM output and displacement required for full actuation.

We use totally enclosed fan cooled high efficiency C-face motors on all units. C-face motors are used with a bell housing type coupling guard where possible. Fiberglass coupling guards are used on standard motors with flex couplings. Driven pumps are either fixed or variable displacements. This depends on each application. Most units have the pumps and associated componentry atop the reservoir, but flooded suctions are available.

We fabricate and use our own exclusively designed aluminum block manifold for flanged mounted valves. Flanged pipe and hose connections are also used. This componentry incorporates o-rings which eliminates threads and reduces an possibility of leaks. These flange mounted valves also make maintenance of the power unit much easier. Valve replacement is simplified by just removing a set number of bolts. A new valve is then easily installed. All of our power units are rated at 2000 PSI. Each power unit is fully assembled, tested and proper pressures are set at our facility. Optional accessories are also available to meet your specific needs. A hydraulic schematic drawing can be supplied with your individual power unit.

Our quality standards and system design guarantee the performance you require. Phelps Industries believes in manufacturing industrial power units for today's rigorous demands.

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