Portable & Semi Portable

Portable Units equipped with axles, wheels and tires are designed for over-the-road transport of complete tipper when several major components and unpinned and removed comprising a second trailer load. Actual tipper is deisgned to be coupled to a truck by king pin arrangement and hauled as a self-contained unit.

Our fully portable units* are offered in different styles. A standard elevated unit utilizes an extended approach ramp. Low Profile design uses short approach ramps for applications with limited space or where an extended approach ramp is not practical.

These portable units may be equipped with either electric or diesel powered hydraulic power units.

Licensed under U.S. Patent Numbers 5,080,548; 5,344,271 and 5,458,451

A portable unit designed to be moved with less frequency utilizes a subframe only, with the dumper sitting directly onto a flat surface. This unit is portable in that it is fully capable of being moved, yet must be lifted onto a flatbed trailer for transport. These portable units are also offered in both the standard and low-profile types which utilize a simple, shortened approach ramp. The low-profile style portable unit may also be used in combination with a live floor hopper.

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